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Transitional government, supporting Taliban ideology

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Zia MassoudThe national front – one of the main political opposition party of the Afghan government has proposed a transitional government as an alternative to end government’s interference in upcoming presidential election.

A similar suggestion was also put forward by the Taliban group representatives during the Paris conference in a bid to bring peace and stability in the country.

But the suggestion by the main political opposition party of the Afghan government seems to be an attempt to end the current political system in Afghanistan however the comments by opposition parties in such a sensitive situation seems to be interesting and ridiculous as the observers believe that the political parties do not have a specific national strategy, similar to the Afghan government which has been criticized during the past one decade by political analysts and various media agencies.

On the other dozens of political parties and movements have formed during the past years however their influence on the situation of Afghanistan and government has been considerably low since majority of the political parties did not have specific strategies which could at least help the current weak administration.

On the other analysts are saying that the main motive behind the government’s failure for proper administration was the lack and formation of a strong political movement or party following the Taliban regime which was toppled in 2001.

Decades of long war in Afghanistan paved the way for various ethnic and religious figures who formed parties and movements based on their preferred ethnicities who are acting the government considering their personal benefits more than the national benefits of the country.

Therefore the observers also believe that the political parties and movements in Afghanistan do not have strategies that guarantee the national benefits of the country and the comments by National Front for a free and fair election and transitional government is similar to the Taliban group’s suggestion in Paris conference.

On the other analysts criticize the formation of a transitional government and are saying that the National Front is looking to end the current political system which has been formed by Afghan peoples’ votes.

During a decade long age of the current political system which was formed following public voting, the Afghan constitution and other laws have been passed besides the Afghan parliament and Afghan senate which are actively operating which reflects a legitimate and public supported political system in the country.

The question according to analyst who believe is not logical is that how a transitional government can be formed to prevent government’s interference and organization of a free and fair election.

The current debut can be well demonstrated following an example of a gardener who was cutting the fruit trees and was using the branches of the cut trees to grow other trees. The gardener was asked in this regard and he said the trees were affected by insects and therefore he was cutting the trees so that the insects do not harm the fruits. But the gardener was advised to find a solution to remove insects rather than cutting the trees.

The suggestion by National Front according to the observers is similar to the above story of the gardener.

In the meantime there are possibilities of the current government’s interference in upcoming presidential election which has been witnessed by Afghans in the past but a free and fair election is not impossible and there are other alternatives which can be implemented to guarantee the election and current political system.

Political stability of a nation has direct links with the prominent and powerful political parties who are assuring the proper implementation of democracy in their respective societies. The political parties are vital organizations with specific strategies that obliges the government for better governance.

But unfortunately the political parties have been reflecting only theories in Afghanistan during the past decades and according to the Afghans the political leaders are acting against the principles of political movements and parties in the country. The Afghan citizens also believe that political leaders are responsible for majority of destructions of the country and are directly involved for paving the way for interference of regional spy agencies in Afghanistan since their personal benefits are more valuable for them than the national benefits of Afghanistan.

The formation of political parties and movements in Afghanistan during the past ten years has been sectional and has formed in specific events with rare contribution and affect on the situation of the country and in some cases the political movements have been ridiculous, according to the observers who are saying that the political opposition parties have been aggressive but the members of the parties are slowly going close to president Karzai in a bid to create their influence for their future political compromises.

However the main question considering the current situation is the impact of the political parties on the upcoming presidential election where Afghans and the international community are keen to witness the consequences.

The suggestions by the National Front – the main political opposition of the Afghan government seems to support the Taliban ideology which can have a very negative impact on the situation of the country.

On the other hand observes believe that the National Front is struggling to gain power through the upcoming presidential election and which has been supported by the Afghan people.

On the other hand concerns among the Afghans remains at high level as they believe that the National Front is not keen on ending Afghanistan crisis and graft in the current government led by president Karzai but the situation could go worse if the National Front or any other political figure becomes successful in the presidential election.

Meanwhile a number of the political figures who criticize the government of Afghanistan for growing corruption are directly involved in the graft themselves as they are having high positions in the government. The issue of corruption and bad governance led by president Hamid Karzai is not a new issue and according to the reports and findings the transitional government first formed after the Taliban fall had good governance but the corruption and graft dramatically increased after the first term and second term presidential elections.

According to reports majority of the political figures who are not with the central government are acting undemocratic, violating law and help grow corruption in the country.

Political illness, social turmoil and other comments by political figures involved in Afghanistan politics are creating distance between the Afghan people and political parties and movements in the country.

Observers believe that majority of the political parties are Ethnicity-based and Afghans fear that these parties once again will create ethnic issues if become successful in presidential election.

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  1. With all due respect to Khamma Press online newspaper this article is from the point of view of the journalist himself and is based on no facts whatsoever. The article mentions that many ‘Afghan civilians’ or ‘observers’ feel somewhat neglected by the National Front and that the NF does not represent them. It goes on to give very vague examples and can not be considered an article at all rather a very opinionated piece by a non supporter of NF. 
    While Everyone has a right to support or not support a political group of their choosing it is wrong for a journalist to spread wrong information. 
    I ask Khamaa Press to look into this and to check/recheck information provided by their journalists before publishing it for all to see and to adhere to journalistic standards if they want to be taken seriously by the public.


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