Thursday, September 28, 2023

Torkham border closed as tensions persist among Afghan and Pakistani forces

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TorkhamThe main border gate between Afghanistan and Pakistan remained close for second day as tensions persist among the Afghan and Pakistani border guards, reportedly on the issue of fencing the border by Pakistani forces.

According to the reports, hundreds of vehicles have remained stranded on both side of the border as well as thousands of people who have taken shelter in the hotels and other accommodations near the border gate.

The gate has reportedly been closed by the Pakistani forces on Tuesday when Afghan border security officials stopped Pakistani security forces from installing barbed wire along the border.

Officials in Pakistan quoted in local media reports have said the move was part of the National Action Plan, which was decided by border security management.

They have also warned that the gate will remain closed until are allowed to install the barbed wire.

The latest tension among the Afghan and Pakistani border guards comes weeks after the two sides engaged in a clash in eastern Nangarhar province.

The incident in Goshta district took place late last month with the local officials saying the Pakistani forces started shelling the Afghan border posts.

A similar incident took place in Goshta district earlier in the month fo March following Pakistani militia forces attack in Anarki area of Goshta district.

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  1. These actions by Pakistan are designed to put more stress on Afghan people and the government in Kabul. 
    It is a proven fact that  all terrorists reside in Pakistan. The Taliban and ISAS and Al Qaeda leaders are moving freely in Pakistan, because they are protected by the Pakistani government. Ben Laden was captured by US special forces in Pakistan and fortunately he was eliminated, but all other terrorist leaders are operating out of Pakistan. Everybody know that they are in Quetta and Peshawar beyond the Durand line in Pakistani controlled tribal areas.
    Fortunately soon the  Chabahar port in Iran will be operational and the Pakistan transit route becomes obsolete. 

    • you are a loser ! you know it that all the terrorists are in Afghanistan….this is why you don’t want to fence the border because you Pigghans want to send suicidal pigs in Pakistan via PIGGHANISTAN

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    • Are you denying that Bin Landen was captured in Pakistan very close to your major military base?

      You cannot deny the harboring of terrorists by your government and this the reason you are using profane and offensive language. Based on your reaction I can assume, if you had an AK47 you would shoot anybody who has a different opinion. Why the Pakistani people using violent and aggressive approaches for resolving every problem?
      Your people shot even the kid Malala in the face, because she had a voice and she wants to go to school… Please grow up and forget of your military and generals who are promoting hatred against India and Afghanistan. You are better off off working with your neighbors. India is a better Partner and Afghanistan in long-term, because the Saudis will eventually out of pumping oil and there will be no donations for Pakistan to sustain their large army. Learn software other technologies from India and develop a sustainable economy. Your old Bombs you got with Saudi money from North Korea is will not helping your people. You should get of out of this cycle of violence and brainwashing by your generals. Over 50 years of military rule is enough for Pakistan.


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