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Top Taliban leaders among 67 reported killed in Herat infighting

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Afghan Taliban infightingAmid ongoing fierce clashes among Taliban factions in western Herat province of Afghanistan, reports have emerged regarding the death of two top leaders of the group.

The two top leaders of the group have been identified as Mullah Malik and Mulalh Wakil who have been killed during ongoing infighting which erupted two days ago.

According to reports, Mullah Malik and Mullah Wakil were Taliban’s senior leader and were operating for the group in western Farah province of Afghanistan.

Preliminary reports suggest at last 67 Taliban militants have been killed and 65 others have been wounded as clashes still continue between the two sides.

Local officials said Tuesday that clashes between the two top Taliban leaders, Mullah Samad and Mullah Nangialai, broke out on Monday afternoon in Shindand district.

The officials further added that the deadly infighting erupted due to differences on group’s leadership.

The latest clashes between the Taliban factions follows almost three months after a similar clash broke out between the rival groups in this province.

The Taliban factions are occasionally engaging in deadly infighting, mainly due to differences over the group’s leadership, which changed following the death of the group’s founder Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Mullah Mansoor assumed charge of the Taliban group in July last year following the announcement of Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar’s death.

His controversial appointment as new Taliban supreme leader led to widening rift among the Taliban leaders who are often entering into deadly clash.

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