Top and most senior Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated near Tehran, the Iranian Defense Ministry confirms.

The scientist died following the attack in Absard, Damavand count, western intelligence agencies viewed him behind Iran’s covert nuclear armaments.

Country’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, condemned the attack, calling it “an act of state terror”

A western diplomat in 2014 told Reuters, “If Iran ever chose to enrich weapons, Fakhrizadeh would be known as the “father of Iranian bomb”.

The news comes amid the enrichment of Uranium in Iran, which is a vital component for both nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Iran has reportedly insisted Nuclear program there is exclusively for harmonious purposes, BBC reports, between 2010 and 2012 four nuclear scientists were murdered by Israel, the Iranian government claimed.

Mohsen was specifically mentioned by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in a 2018 presentation at a program.

Iran’s Defense Ministry stated on Friday, “Armed terrorists targeted a vehicle carrying Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of the ministry’s research and innovation organization”, adding, “After a clash between the terrorists and his bodyguards, Fakhrizadeh was severely injured and rushed to the hospital, unfortunately, the medical team’s efforts to save him were unsuccessful and minutes ago he passed away.”

According to Iranian media, attackers opened fire on the scientist inside his car, but Fars news agency reported of car explosion in Absard town, witnesses told the media firm that “three to four individuals who were believed to be terrorists, were killed in the clash”.

Pentagon according to Reuters denied to comment on the incident, neither there was a quick reaction from the Israelis.

The assassinated scientist Fakhrizadeh was a renowned Iranian nuclear scientist and a senior officer to the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and was widely spoken about by the Western security sources as exceedingly powerful and “instrumental in nuclear programs.

He was born in the City of Qom, Iran according to the Iranian opposition group NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran.

He is said to have led Project Amad, a covert nuclear program established in 1989 to research potentials for building nuclear bombs, the program was later halted according to International Atomic Energy Agency in 2003.