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Top Chinese General briefs Atmar on planned delivery of equipment to Afghan army

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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A top General in the army of China briefed the Afghan National Security Adviser regarding the planned delivery of military equipment to the Afghan army.

The Office of the National Security Adviser said Atmar met with the Chief of China’s People’s Liberation Army Mr. Fang Fenghui during his visit to China to discuss Beijing’s support to the Afghan armed forces.

According to an official statement, Atmar urged Gen. Fenghui to further expand Beijing’s support to equip the Afghan armed forces.

Gen. Fenghui said the request by the Afghan government will be discussed and will update regarding the outcome, the statement said, adding that Gen. Fenghui briefed Atmar regarding the planned delivery of military equipment to the Afghan army.

China pledged more than $70 million to support the military sector of Afghanistan, a commitment Gen. Fenghui during his visit to Afghanistan earlier last month.

He said China will provide more than $70 million in fresh military aid to Afghanistan, saying the latest aid will follow besides Beijing’s ongoing cooperation in development and economic sector.

Gen. Fenghui further added that China remains committed to support Afghanistan with the available resources and facilities, hailing the Afghan forces who are currently busy in suppressing the international terrorism.

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  1. China’s military support for Afghanistan isn’t necessary. The appropriate approach is for China to control China’s Best Friend, Pakistan to stop terrorist activities in the region.
    China is accepting this fact and allows Pakistan to conduct terror activities against India, because China is using Pakistan as a leverage in this regional power contents in South Asia. This is the reason it is difficult to control Pakistan with regards of their terrorist activities in Afghanistan.
    Everybody knows that the Taliban is and was never a political party from Afghanistan. It was created by Pakistanis in Pakistan Madrasas with Saudi Arabian funding to gain control in Afghanistan after the Russian withdrawal. 
    For the last 10 years the Pakistani state has supported politically, financially, logistically, and militarily the Taliban in their terrorist and criminal activities against the  Afghan people. 
    Pakistan owns the Taliban and the Pakistani army, and the secret service is directly responsible for the killing, looting an draping the Afghan civilian. It is unfortunate that China is strongly supporting terrorist regimes such as Pakistan.

  2. it is unfortuantely true. Afghan people do not trust Pakistan. We know that Pakistan has been being supported by the chinese Government. Pakistani Government is milking the us and china.
    Hopefully, the day will come that Pakistan will part like Russia. Baluchistan, Sindh and the Pushtoons will join Afghanistan.

  3. Today each of Pakistani will be celebrating this bloodshed after all this is what they want bleed and let others bleed. Do they have any idea what a monster they have created which I am getting hopeless How it can be elemited. There is one and only one way all the afghans should unite and say in my be voice whether rural or cities no to Taliban and state should leave no stone unturned to protect their people. I just hope and wish Afghanistan becomes one of the most peaceful nation one day


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