President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani once again emphasized on his order to Afghan forces to go offensive against the militants, insisting that the time has came that the Special Forces unsheathe their sword and show their power to the enemies.

He made the remarks during a visit to the Headquarters of the Afghan Special Operations Corps in Kabul earlier today.

Ghani further added that the enemies do not the capability to face the security forces in the battleground and therefore they attack the children, women and ordinary civilians.

However, Ghani said adopting an offensive mode against the militants does not mean that the government would withdraw from peace efforts.

He said the adoption of offensive strategy is to create the conditions for peace as the militants need to take part in the political talks for a fair process to ensure eternal peace in the country.

President Ghani on Tuesday ordered the Afghan forces to go offensive against the Taliban militants while reacting to the recent deadly attacks which killed dozens of people.

In a televised speech, Ghani said the Taliban militants have increased their attacks despite the repeated calls by the Afghan people, the Afghan government and international community to reduce violence and declare a ceasefire.

Ghani further added that Kabul and Nangarhar once again witnessed attacks by Taliban and ISIS, which killed or wounded many civilians, children and security personnel.


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