TI-UK warns of corruption in Afghan defense institutionsAccording to Transparency International UK the procurement sectors of Afghan defense institutions are still facing corruption and the issue could further boost graft in other parts of the institutions after 2014.

Program Manager Transparency International UK’s defense and security Mark Payman following a press conference on Thursday said ongoing corruption in Afghan defense and securrity institutions of Afghanistan is risky.

He said, “I think corruption in Afghan defense and security institutions is a major concern since it is an important issue which could create problems to control security forces and will compromise with the confidence of the people if corruption continues in these institutions.”

Mr. Pyman further added that corruption in defense and security institutions could weaken the effectiveness of military in a country and will end the confidence of people. The recruitment and promotion departments of Afghan defense and security institutions also have corruption.

According to Transparency International UK report corruption is growing in Afghan defense and security institutions due to lack of a proper and comprehensive system to fight graft which encounters serious threats to Afghan soldiers and civilians.

The report has been prepared in two years which covers 82 nations and Afghanistan tops the list, according to Transparency International UK officials.

In the meantime officials in Afghanistan transparency watch confirm the report and said growing corruption in Afghan defense institutions specifically during the transition period will have a negative impact.

Afghan defense officials yet to comment regarding Transparency International UK’s report.