Kabul protestThousands of protesters have marched in capital Kabul on Friday in support of presidential candidate Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s allegations of mass fraud in runoff presidential election.

The demonstration started around 8:00 am local time after thousands of Abdullah’s supporters gathered in Pashtuistan roundabout.

Abdullah Abdullah, his first and second vice presidents also participated in the demonstration, with some protesters shouting angry slogans against president Karzai and electoral bodies.

Though, the march was well organized and was largely peaceufl; however, some of the protesters also showed outrage by destroyed posters of president Karzai.

Abdullah claims that there have been mass fraud in the favour of his rival and accused president Karzai, provincial governors and police of complicity in efforts to rig the election.

He also halted his ties with the electoral bodies and dropped out of election process last week which has put the election process in to a deadlock.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) also called on Abdullah to return to the election process; however, no breakthrough has been noted following the UN mission’s mediation so far.


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