Thousands of men and women took to the streets of Kandahar city and protested against the Taliban’s decision based on which the families of late Afghan security forces should evacuate their residence.

Protestors had gathered at the gate of the provincial governor’s office and had blocked a road in the city.

Provincial officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan recently directed all the families in a division of the Afghanistan national army to evacuate their residences in three days.

Officials of the IEA have not commented about the reason behind this decision.

These residences are common in Afghanistan which is situated beside the police headquarters and military bases of the national army and are distributed to the families of retired and salaam military personnel.

As per information, in the very division in Kandahar province, some families have been settled for over thirty years who are obliged to vacate homes in three days only.

In the meantime, a local journalist also claims to be beaten by the Taliban fighters while covering the demonstration but the Taliban have not commented on the incident yet.