The US special representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, stated he met with Uzbek officials and had a “productive” visit.

Uzbekistan is playing a significant role in aiding the Afghan people, according to the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, who wrote on a Twitter thread, Saturday evening, May 28. He maintains that Termez is a crucial “humanitarian hub”, and that Tashkent will continue to supply electricity to Afghanistan.

He further wrote that “Tashkent continues to provide Afghanistan with electricity, and Uzbek leadership engaging Taliban on shared priorities: terrorism, human rights, stability.”

US Special Representative appreciates Uzbekistan’s vision for the region, which is “an interconnected and economically energized corridor for energy and goods.” 

US engagement with Uzbekistan will continue and grow, according to the US Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Previously, with Dr. Abdullah, Special Representative West discussed the necessity for a political process, human rights violations, and the important role of women in society, as well as the humanitarian situation and the threat of terrorism in Afghanistan, last week.