The Third Round of Citizen and ARG Debate was organized in the Presidential Palace on Thursday with a slogan of ‘Responsible Citizen and Accountable Government’ mainly focusing on ‘one UN’ in Afghanistan.

In her speech at the inauguration of the Debate, Ms. Farkhunda Zahra, the senior presidential adviser on UN Affairs, said the Senior Presidential Advisory on UN Affairs has inaugurated and implemented programs, like Citizen and ARG Debate with a slogan of Responsible Citizen and Responsive Government and Citizens Wall and the Civil Society Dialogue in ARG Palace in a bid to establish a system and to strengthen of democracy and democratic values as well as the provisions of the International Conventions signed by Afghanistan.

However, she said the main mission of the presidential advisory is the realization of the idea of ‘One UN’ in Afghanistan and three key steps have been taken during the last year, including the advocacy, the transition process, and the analysis and review process.

She also added that a draft document for ‘One UN’ in Afghanistan having a framework for accountability between the government and the United Nations has been presented to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

Ms. Naderi further added that the draft document has been prepared after debates and close cooperation between senior presidential advisory to UN affairs and UN Coordination Center for Humanitarian and UN Agencies.

According to Ms. Naderi, the draft document for ‘One UN in Afghanistan’ distributes the UN agencies activities in six sectors, including education, health, refugees, agriculture, food safety, strengthening of law, and standards.

She said the main objective of ‘One UN in Afghanistan’ would be the implementation of the UN activities based on programs rather than project basis, in a bid to ensure effectiveness, sustainability, and pertinence, as well as strengthening the national sovereignty of Afghanistan and change the nature of current relations of UN agencies with Afghanistan from helper and help receiver to partners.

Ms. Naderi said the idea of ‘One UN’ in Afghanistan is to ensure a coordinated and united effort and cooperation in the areas of development, human right, and emergency aid.

In regards to Citizens and ARG Debate, Ms. Naderi said the main purpose of the debate is to ensure freedom of speech, access to information, accountability culture, transparency and empowering the citizens’ voice in the center of power or ARG Palace.

She said the foreign and international friends were not invited during the last two debate of Citizen and ARG, mainly due to the environment of advocacy as part of the draft document for ‘One UN’ in Afghanistan, mainly focusing on changing the current approach of the UN agencies from project basis to program basis and ensuring the national sovereignty of Afghanistan.