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The Unfortunate Fate of Afghan Police Cadets

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Kabul attack

Author: Huma Naseri

It was 29 June a beautiful morning and 25th day of Ramadan, everyone was excited and delighted. They were impatiently waiting for the bus to arrive. Two huge public transportation buses arrived. Everyone got into the bus heading from Wardak province located in the central east region to the capital Kabul. The policemen were returning from a training and were excited to spend the last few days of the Ramadan followed by Eid-ul-Fitr with their families, friends and relatives. Everyone of them had hundreds of colorful dreams. Some were married, waiting for their first child, others were excited about getting married and the older group was thinking about getting new cloth and gifts for their children.

 Zoned out in deep thoughts and overwhelming  joys of reunion with family the  happy souls had no idea of the unfortunate fate waiting for them. The buses were in Paghman district, close to the capital when a suicide bomber struck both the buses carrying newly graduated cadets. In no time with blink of an eye there were no buses any more, but flashes of human bodies everywhere and blood flowed like a river.  Taliban did not only attack the police cadets but also the rescue teams coming to help the victims have been targeted. Everything was shaken, everything was so dusty, dreams were shattered and eyes of loved ones were filled with tears. The attack had shushed  everything for a moment and everyone around had wondered how one can be so petatic to blow up human in pieces.  However,  following the brutal and disgraceful act of the Taliban. The Afghan government and International community  issued statements of  condemning  the attack.

Well, I think it  does not come as a surprise or something pleasing,  whenever the authorities in the Afghan government or the International community condemns  the attacks. This practice of verbal condemnation has been in practice since 2011; but  despite strong statements against terrorism by government officials yet little to no concrete progress has been achieved. I am quoting wome very recent attack on security forces and civilians  just to illusurate what those strong comdemn has done so far or if these statements has benefited the civilians.

On April 19, Taliban militants stormed an Afghan government security agency with a suicide car bomb and gunfire Tuesday, killing 28 people and wounding hundreds.

On May 4th,  At least 18 Afghan policemen have been killed in Taliban attacks in Badakhshan provinces

On June 30, Taliban suicide bombers killed 30 in devastating attack on buses carrying Afghan police cadets.

Based on the above facts, there is an attack if not every day or week then every month but no body seem to care enough since there isn’t any constructive step taken for prevention of future attacks.  This all raises important questions on capacity of government. Is the government incapable to protect its citizen or it’s the leadership and political crisis that left the government incapable or taking serious measurements for improving security situation in the country?

In December 2001, when the interim government was put in place in Afghanistan a new resolution was adopted. United Nations Security Council resolution 1386. The main purpose was to train the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) and assist Afghanistan in rebuilding key government institution followed by security sector reforms under the Governance, Justice, Law and Order Sector Reform; however, these reforms were undermined by the persistent lack of political will, accountability and rampant corruption.

Afghanistan like many other developing countries is struggling with deep-rooted impunity in some of its governance institutions. The Police force is being used as a tool of repression and oppression by the executive. Most of the time police has failed to comply with the law due to interference from politicians. In the recent attack if the police were provided with armored vehicles or even soft skinned double-cab police pick up, casualties would have been relatively low but instead of providing proper security means of transportation and equipment , they are being used for personal and private usage by high ranking police officials. Also “A typical officer sees about a third of his salary skimmed off by his superiors. And promotions tend to go to those who put the most grease on the right palms”. The corrupt behavors  left the police forces with ill-equipped and inadequate training. In the above mentioned of three latest months, Top official’s, politicians, businessmen were not killed. Its always either the poor civilians or ill-equipped security forces.

The security situation is getting worst. The problem of insecurity is dire and the excessive concerns about security is worrying Afghan security forces. Afghan politicians’ increased dependency on militia  is yet another factor  undermining law and order institutions such as police, the administration, and the National Security Intelligence Service.  The status-quo requires effective actions to improve the situation  urgently. For achieve peace and  security, a holistic approach is needed, which incorporates anti-corruption strategy, capacity building, law enforcement administrative measures, consciousness raising, and accountability. In the endovores or any policy drafted by the government of Afghanistan should have international community’s backing and support mainly in addressing the causes of instability and establishing an environment for sustained social, political and economic development.

The international community can also support institutional reforms to broaden Afghan political participation and punish corruption and subnational power brokers for abuses since corruption is essential and  represents a major obstacle to its political, economic and social development.  The government should as a matter of urgency rise up against this unfortunate situation, should work toward reviewing its foreign policy. Rethink of border controls and use measures to regulated or monitor the borders  in order to control movement of people. The government should use opportunities and national interest most, and stop entering any potential insecurities, challenges and other problems that can set the ground for insecurity and disorder in the country.

Those who have been killed and those who are surviving had elected the  politicians to serve their needs. The citizen did not elect them to fill their wallets. The government has the obligation to ensure that its citizens since the constitution imposes affirmative obligation on the government to protect citizens and address their social and economical need.

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