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U.S looking forward to Saudi Arabia and Israel ties

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The United States of America is looking for normalized diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel after the UAE signed an agreement with Israel.

Saudi Arabia says it will not follow UAE to establish diplomatic ties with Israel until it does not enter into a peace agreement with Palestinians.

“Peace must be achieved with the Palestinians” on the basis of international agreements as a pre-condition for any normalization of relations, Prince Faisal told reporters during a visit to Berlin on Wednesday.

The United States of America is working to broke between the Gulf states and Arabian countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

US President Donald Trump said he expected Saudi Arabia to join the agreement announced last week by Israel and the UAE to normalize diplomatic ties and forge a broad new relationship, Aljazeera reported.

“I do,” Trump replied on Wednesday when asked at a White House news conference if he expected Saudi Arabia to join.

UAE is the third country among the Arab nations to normalize ties after Egypt and Jordan.

This comes as some Islamic countries including Iran and Turkey have opposed the recent deal signed between the UAE and Israel.

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