The Taliban’s statement of a new plan to force women in Afghanistan to wear the hijab has concerned UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Guterres wrote on a chain of tweets yesterday on 8th May, “I’m alarmed by today’s announcement by the Taliban that women must cover their faces in public and leave home only in cases of necessity.”

“I once again urge the Taliban to keep their promises to Afghan women & girls, and their obligations under international human rights law.”, he noted.

The Taliban announced a plan for women’s hijabs on Saturday, 7th of May, which obliges women to wear Hijab in public, blue burqa (Chadari) preferably. 

At the same time, UN Special Rapporteur, Richard Bennett, on the Taliban’s decision stated that the group is gradually undermining women’s human rights.

Richard Bennett has emphasized that human rights violations must have consequences, and that it is now the time for the International Commission to act.