A man has been caught in Kandahar province in connection with weaponry smuggling to Pakistan, according to local Taliban officials.

On Saturday, 28th of May, the Bakhtar state news agency stated that Taliban forces had discovered and apprehended a man who was attempting to smuggle a substantial quantity of weapons and ammunition through Spin Boldak.

Four Kalashnikovs, three M16s, three PK machine guns, 900 heavy machine gun bullets, 33 grenades, and other ammunition were discovered with the detainee, according to the report.

Taliban security officials in Ghazni province had previously announced the arrest of three people in connection with weapons smuggling into Pakistan.

Military equipment is alleged to have been smuggled out of Afghanistan and into neighboring countries, mainly Pakistan, following the fall of the Afghan government.

According to recent reports, US weaponry used in Afghanistan were transferred across Pakistan to Indian Kashmir. The weapons were discovered, according to reports, by Indian officials.