Rebuilding trust among employees is one of the most needed tasks in an organization. There still a prime number of people who do not know how to build or rebuild the broken trust in their workplaces. Mostly, this is due to a lack of awareness of the common and everyday behaviors people practice which sustain a culture of distrust within their own organizations.

There are some necessary steps to be taken to restore the trust:

1:- Discern the cause

The very initial step is to go through an experience where you have lost the trust. The aim must be to clarify the cause of what happened to you and confess the impact of betrayal on your work and life.

The identification of cause and effects of broken trust, will honor your perceptions of your experience and begin the process of restoring trust.

2:- Allow your feeling to show off

Every human being experiences an emotional fallout from the breach of trust. Sometimes our emotions may range from slight frustration or distraction to full-blown range of devastation. Regardless of their potency, your feelings are valid and deserve to be recognized and accepted.

The fluctuation in your emotions does not mean you cannot fight the dilemma, it means you have to realize the pros and cons of your emotions which can guide you in the right way.

3:- Seek support

We all have good and bad days in our lives. Then there are days when we feel alone and helpless. We need someone to share our burden with. Similarly, when the trust is broken, the most important thing we need is support.

Seek that support!

Do not let your ego stop you from getting support and be compassionate about it.

4:- Refashion the episode

You’re able to clench the hardness or complexities of your situation. Consider what might have been going on for the person who let you down and begin to examine the options available to you as you move forward.

Grasping past experience’s complexity helps you in reframing the experience which teaches you to not repeat the practice of actions that lead to a breach of trust.

5:- Give the gift of forgiveness to yourself and others

Learning to forgive is a mighty gift you give to yourself. When others sense your forgiveness ability, they extend their forgiveness and trust to you, perhaps even when you need it most. Accepting that you and others are human and fallible is a core facet of your ability to build trusting relationships.

6:- Let go and move on

The Sufi Persian Poet Rumi Says: “When you forgive, you live. When you let go, you grow”. So find that growth within yourself, let past go and move on to the future. Letting go and moving on doesn’t mean you forget what happened, how you felt, or the impact damaged trust had on your life.

Trust enables you to put your deepest feelings and fears in the palm of your partner’s hand, knowing it will be handled with care; thus admit that feelings are not to be advertised to everyone and you must realize to trust someone in its right time. To sum up, our behaviors and actions are the representatives of our mind

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