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Terrorism equally threatening Afghanistan and Pakistan: Pak Army Chief

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Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said terrorism and extremism equally threatens Afghanistan and Pakistan as he pledged full support to cooperate in eliminate the menace of terror.

The Office of the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said Gen. Bajwa conveyed the message during a telephone conversation on Saturday afternoon.

Reiterating Pakistan’s hope for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, Gen. Bajwa said ‘He is hopeful the two brotherly nations work together for a lasting peace considering the current challenges and threats the two countries are facing.’

According to a statement by Chief Executive’s Office, Gen. Bajwa has called extremism and terrorism a joint threat to both the nations as he pledged full support by Pakistan to eliminate the shared threats.

In his turn, CE Abdullah congratulated Gen. Bajwa for his appointment as the new Chief of Staff of Pakistan’s army and said terrorism and extremism poses a serious threat for peace and stability of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Abdullah further added that both Afghanistan and Pakistan should work closely to fight the menace of terrorism and extremism in a bid to ensure peace and stability of the region.

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  1. “Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said terrorism and extremism equally threatens Afghanistan and Pakistan.” This is the most outrageous lie that Pakistan has been propagating for years. Pakistan created and supported terrorism against its neighbours, notably India and Afghanistan. They created a Frankenstein they cannot control and which now threatens to engulf them.
    Far from admitting their mistakes, the Pakistani leadership is trying to capitalize on it by claiming to be a victim. As Hillary Clinton once famously told the Pakistanis: When you rear a snake in your backyard, don’t be sure it will bite only your neighbours. Pakistan is now realizing that terrorism, like curses, comes back to roost. Serves them right. Sadly, the long-suffering people of Pakistan seem to accept this spiel of the Pakistani military rather than holding them to account.

  2. No one should trust Pakistan again. It has 16 years that Pakistan has been deceiving its neighbors and the international communities. If the international community seriously and honestly want to eliminate the menace and roots of terrorism, then, I think this is the time, they should go after Pakistan. Pakistan is a terrorist responder state. I don’t know why everyone wasting their time and money in Afghanistan hoping to stop terrorism although they know it that PK is responsible for all terrorist attack around the globe. If we don’t punk Pk then we will never be able to stop terrorism and no one will feel save throughout the world.

  3. You are right Mohammad. We are facing same problem since 1947. But due to support of some ‘unconstitutional elements’, they are continue creating problems to their neighboring countries. They have zealous over development of any of their neighbors.


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