UlomiA top Afghan security official said Sunday that the terror groups waging war in Afghanistan are still having sanctuaries in neighboring Pakistan.

The Minister of Interior Noor-ul-Haq Ulomi made the remarks during a ceremony for the introduction of 470 policewomen who recently completed during their trainings in Turkey.

He said the enemies of Afghanistan are looking to create differences among the Afghan people through ethnic divisions.

Ulomi further added that the enemies of Afghanistan will continue to support the terror groups under different brands, including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to Ulomi, the terror groups are still having sanctuaries in neighboring Pakistan and are receiving financial support from the sources which were previously funding them.

This comes as National Security Advisor Hanif Atmar said last month that the Pakistan-based Haqqani Terrorist Network and Taliban’s Quetta Council (Shura) still operate against Afghanistan from their safe havens within the Pakistani soil.

Atmar shared the issue during a meeting with Ali Sait Akin, the Ambassador of Turkey to Afghanistan, slamming the Pakistani authorities for not taking important steps to prevent the activities of the two groups in their soil.

The Presidential Palace also slammed Pakistani officials for their remarks regarding the elimination of Haqqani Terrorist Network following military operations in tribal regions of Pakistan.

In a statement following Pakistani National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz’s remarks suggesting the elimination of the Haqqani network sanctuaries from Pakistan, the Palace said “The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan believes that one of the major differences between Afghanistan and Pakistan is regarding the presence of terrorist groups, specifically the Haqqani Network in Pakistani soil.”

“The recent remarks by Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz, suggesting that the Haqqani Network has been decomposed following military operations, are repeated claims by Pakistani officials during the past one decade,” the statement added.

The statement further added that documents and evidences shows that the network’s leadership, commander and control, supportive infrastructure and sanctuaries are still operational in Pakistan.


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