Tensions have intensified among the Afghan leaders as the provincial governor and chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami Ata Mohammad Noor and leader of Junbish Millie Batur Dostum were stopped to travel to Kandahar province.

Noor in an online video message harshly criticized the government for aborting their flight to southern Kandahar province.

Calling the move by the government as illegal and immoral, Noor warned that such steps will have an intense negative impact on the unity of the Afghan people.

According to Noor, a delegation led by him including Batur Dostum and other figures were due to visit Kandahar to participate in a gathering but their flight was aborted after waiting for one and half in the plane.

In the meantime, reports indicate that the government did not allow the flight to take place as there were security threats claiming that the Taliban group was looking to attack the plane.

Relations among Noor, Dostum and government remains strained since early this year with Noor harshly criticizing the government leaders for their failure, particularly in ensuring the security for the people of the country.

The leaders opposing with the government’s policies also formed a coalition, coalition for the salave of Afghanistan, after a series of deadly attacks rocked Kabul city and other parts of the country earlier this year.

The coalition includes Ata Mohammad Noor, deputy chief executive of the government Mohammad Mohaqiq, first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum, and other influential political figures.


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