Provincial officials of the eastern Nangarhar province said on Sunday, February 6, 2022, that up to 50 ISIS-K or Daesh fighters surrendered to them.

The local officials said that the terrorists surrendered following mediation by tribal elders of the province.

Head of the Nangarhar Intelligence Directorate Dr. Basheer said that the fighters surrendered based on the general amnesty announced by the supreme leader of the Taliban and added that the process will go on.

This is the eighth group of the Daesh fighters that surrenders to the Taliban in Nangarhar province since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan took over last year.

The surrendered militants said that they remorse being par to the ISIS-K and promised not to join the terror group again.

Dr Basheer said that the surrender of the affiliates is conditioned and they are not allowed to go from one area to another without the permission of the Taliban.

In the meantime, those who surrendered cannot use weapons or military vehicles and cannot contact the wrongdoers.