There are thirty-two thousand prisoners in Afghanistan, 10,000 of whom are ‘awaiting trial’, said Afghanistan Attorneys Network on Wednesday.

Afghanistan Attorneys Network organized a conference on Professional Litigation and Coordination with the Afghan juridical authorities for the purpose of reducing detentions and financial costs.

A statement published by the Afghan Legal Aid Network and Lawyers said the pre-trial detentions are one of the biggest challenges in Afghanistan wherein the rights of suspects and accused are not respected.

The conference members said that pre-trial litigation is practiced in the region and worldwide, but there are serious problems with the justice institutions in Afghanistan.

This comes as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has recently signed a decree saying the prisons and custody centers must be operated and managed by an independent authority.

According to the lawyers’ network, the costs of the detainees are over one billion Afghani per year which is a heavy burden on the country’s economy.


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