The Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) officials have said they cannot disclose their findings regarding last month’s presidential elections due to the threats they have received from certain electoral teams.

The TEFA officials on Wednesday told reporters that they have analyzed the result sheets of the presidential elections from all 34 provinces and they have found out which candidate has received the most votes.

The officials further added that the analysis also confirms the level of voters turnout during the day of elections.

However, the TEFA officials said they cannot publicize the findings of the analysis due to the threats they have received from certain electoral teams.

Naeem Ayubzada, the director of TEFA on Wednesday shared the preliminary findings of the foundation, saying they have collected 75 percent of the result sheets from 34 provinces where the voters cast ballots.

Ayubzada further added that some electoral teams have threatened the TEFA officials not to disclose the information regarding the presidential candidate who has obtained the most votes.

Without disclosing further information and the name of the candidate who leads the presidential polls, Ayubzada warned that TEFA would share their findings in the event the electoral commissions failed to maintain their impartiality in vote counts and announcement of the election result.


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