Local sources in Faryab province, in northern Afghanistan, claim that a teenage boy in the province has axe-murdered his father.

The event, according to the sources, has taken place on Friday, 1st July, in Faryab province’s Pashtoon Kot district located at the south of the provincial capital, Maimana.

The unlawful act was allegedly perpetrated by Ramin, a 14-year-old child, as a result of domestic violence.

This connects with recent increases in domestic and family violence, suicide, and homicide in various regions, notably Faryab.

Due to domestic violence, a 16-year-old girl shot herself dead last week in the province of Faryab.

Majority of parents in Afghanistan is seen as a method of discipline, subjecting their children to domestic and physical violence.

Another incident of a similar nature involving a child who killed his father with an axe in Nooristan, an eastern region of Afghanistan, with the help of three of his friends, was reported back in April of this year.

Sources claimed that the son killed his father with an axe as soon as he returned from the police station, complaining and reporting the matter, after his son stole 100,000 Afghanis from his house.

Decades of conflict, in a poverty-stricken country such as Afghanistan, with the absence of rule of law and the exacerbation of political and social circumstances have rendered violence against children a widespread practice.


  • Saqalain Eqbal is an Online Editor for Khaama Press. He is a Law graduate from The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF).