Afghan politician Mohammad Halim Tanwir has said in a gathering, if he was in power he would have married Hazara girls to Pashtoon men for the social equality.

A video clip of Mohammad Halim Tanwir, Afghan politician has gone viral on Social media in which he says he would have married Hazara girls to Pashtoon men if he was in power in order to end the social inequality.

I would not let anyone to rise up in the name of tribe or ethnicity, Tanwir says.

“Most educational resources are taken to a valley and small area, even a football stadium has been constructed where no one yes yet played there, but in the Kabul university entrance examination only 6 people from Paktya province succeed only, pointing to Panjshir province, he says.

“For the rights equality Afghanistan, Dostum, Mohaqqiq and others should be killed”, he adds.

Mohammad Mohaqqiq, a Hazara tribal leader reacted to this statement and asked the UN agencies to investigate this matter.

“The statement by Dr. Tanwir is risky at this very sensitive situation in Afghanistan. The UN agencies must take it serious and run an investigation on such matters”, Mohaqqiq told Khaama Press.

“Tanwir is a member of Mohammad Asrhaf Ghani’s think tank and his statement reflects Ghani’s ideology”, Mohaqqiq said.

Mohammad Bashir Tayanj, spokesperson for Junbesh Party led by General Abdul Rashid Dostum in reaction to Tanwir’s comments, told Khaama Press that Mohammad Haleem Tanwir intends to further spread hypocrisy and divide the nation of Afghanistan.

“Tanwir has been away from the country for a long time, he is not aware of the realities and facts of the Afghanistan community”, Tayanj said.

“Mohammad Halim Tanwir spread hypocrisy to divide the nation of Afghanistan, however, the nation is in need of love, friendship and brotherhood”, he added.

The presidential office has not yet commented on Dr. Tanwir’s statements.

Mohammad Halim Tanwir admits in the video clip that he is a follower and student of Mohammad Gul Khan Mohmand, a man who is popular for his biased behavior during the kingdom of Mohammad Nader Shah, the father of King Zahir Shah.

Mohammad Gul Mohmand was a senior advisor to King Mohammad Nader Shah, who suppressed other ethnicities and tribes, during his kingdom.


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