At least seven key Taliban group members including their shadow spy chief for the southeastern parts of the country have been killed in Paktia province.

The provincial government media office in a statement said the Taliban spy chief for southeastern provinces Zainatullah, also famous as Farhad, was killed with six others in an airstrike.

The statement further added that the militants were killed as they were travelling in a vehicle to plan future terrorist activities.

Other key Taliban group members killed during the airstrike have been identified as Gul Rahman famous as Anas, Habibullah famous as Edris, and Bohran.

This comes as at least 35 militants were killed during the ground operations and airstrikes in Zurmat district Tuesday, the statement said, adding that some key Taliban group leaders and Pakistanis were also among those killed.

According to the provincial government, more than sixty militants were also wounded during the same operations.

In another operation, the Afghan intelligence operatives had arrested three militants who were involved in target killings and other terrorist related activities, the provincial government added.