The Taliban group has responded to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s call for the participation of the group in upcoming elections.

The group issued a statement two days after President Ghani said the Taliban group should participate in the elections by taking into consideration that opportunity available for peace process.

However, Taliban emphasizes that the fight against the foreign forces still has a priority for the group, claiming that all the decisions on political and military level are taken by the foreigners.

The group also claims that only those will reach to power that have already been elected by the Whit House and Pentagon.

Calling the elections a fake and exhibitory process, Taliban also emphasized that the nation should not participate in the parliamentary and district councils elections.

President Ghani on Saturday inaugurated the voter registration process as the parliamentary and district councils elections are scheduled to be held in October this year.

In his speech after the inauguration of the voter registration, President Ghani said the Taliban group should use the opportunity to participate in the elections.

He said the group should return as a political movement by taking into consideration the opportunities available with the announcement of government’s offer for peace process.

President Ghani also added that elections play a key role to bring reforms on political level through the votes of the people, emphasizing that the people are tired of war.