The local officials in southeastern Paktia province are saying that the Taliban’s Red Unit militants have suffered heavy casualties after attacking the Ahmadabad district.

The provincial government media office in a statement said Thursday that the Red Unit militants of the group launched coordinated attacks on Sparai and Machlaghoo areas of the district late on Wednesday night.

The statement further added that the Afghan forces launched coordinated airstrikes and ground operations in response to the attacks, leaving at least 55 militants dead.

According to the provincial government, several Taliban militants have also sustained injuries during the clashes with the security forces.

A number of the commanders of the Taliban group are also among those killed or wounded, the provincial government said, adding that the militants have taken positions inside the residential houses after fresh troops were deployed in response to the attack.

Several weapons, munitions, and vehicles have also been destroyed during the operations, the provincial government said, adding that the militants still resist the security forces by using civlians as human shields in their houses.

In the meantime, the provincial police spokesman Sardar Wali Tabasoom said at least four policemen have also lost their lives during hte clashes and at least seven others have sustained injuries.