Taliban (3)Taliban militants have forced villagers in Khanashin District of southern Helmand province to poison security forces.

A local reporter of Killid Radio says that Taliban have warned people in areas under their control to vacate their home if they are not poisoning security forces.

“Taliban would come and force us to poison security forces in the nearby security posts. Then they would come and attack the security posts from our homes. When we complained, they told us for vacating our homes,” a resident of the area told the news agency on condition of anonymity.

Another resident who has left his home told the media that they were suffering from war.

“We were suffering from war, we were suffering from gunfire, they told us you are government people, you are spies, and they took the community elders with them who have not returned yet.” He said.

Local officials are not refusing the reports but say that Taliban have failed that is why they are bending to these acts.

Several incidents have taken place in Helmand and in its neighboring Zabul and Urozgan provinces where police were poisoned or made unconscious and later martyred by the Taliban.