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Taliban Uphold Their Promises While Engaging With the World: Haqqani

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Nizamuddin Rezahi
Nizamuddin Rezahi
Nizamuddin Rezahi is a journalist and editor for Khaama Press. You may follow him @nizamrezahi on Twitter.

Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani in a gathering in Khost province said that the group is fully committed to upholding their promises while engaging with the world. Haqqani said that the Islamic Emirate wants “legitimate engagement” with the international community.

While speaking at the ceremony in Khost for those who had memorized the Holy Quran, Haqqani said that monopolizing power and imposing views on the general public do not benefit the ruling regime to bring peace and stability to the country.

These remarks came as the international community repeatedly criticize the Taliban for failing to form an inclusive government, restricting women’s rights to education and work in war-torn Afghanistan.

Haqqani did not provide further details about the exclusivity of power and imposition of views on ordinary people but reiterated that the prevailing situation will lead people to distance themselves from the Taliban and pave the way for major challenges in the long term.

“We want to have a legitimate interaction with the world and build a legitimate way,” the interior minister said.

Sirajuddin Haqqani is one of the senior leaders of the Taliban government who has never traveled abroad since the return of the Taliban to power in August 2021. Haqqani believes that the Taliban do not pose threats to any government and that the group should be recognized by the international community.

The United Nations and foreign governments have said that reopening girls’ schools, respecting human rights, and women’s rights, and forming an exclusive government are their principal demands. Until these demands are not met, it is unlikely to recognize the Taliban government.

The UN officials have repeatedly stated that the world is closely monitoring the behaviors of the Taliban regime, and they will respond accordingly.  

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