President Ghani 4President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that Taliban group is a phenomenon produced in Afghanistan and Pakistan but it is now turning into a matter for South Asia and its activities are expanding to Bangladesh and other countries, Azadi Radio reports.

While talking to Afghan students studying in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, President Ghani said Chinese, Russian, Uzbek, Saudi, Kazakh, African and Pakistani militants are fighting in Afghanistan, adding that Afghanistan is sacrificing in the fight against terrorism but it is not the internal matter of Afghans.

Asking a question as How many supporters do the Taliban have? The President said “Let them ‘Taliban’ take part in elections and people to decide, if people of Afghanistan vote for them, I would gladly leave the office to them. But looking into their latest activities in Kundoz province, unfortunately, there violence reached to a peak that no group dreaming to become part of the government would do such things.”

He said the ongoing fight against terrorism and extremism has made him to pay more attention to security than applying his programs.

The President said that 31 countries have promised the continuation of their military assistance with Afghanistan and by the end of this year the number will increase to 40.