Deputy Governor of Badakhshan province has told media that they have created an exclusive battalion of suicide bombers that will be deployed to the borders of Afghanistan particularly in Badakhshan province.

The northeastern province of Badakhshan borders Tajikistan and China.

The deputy governor, Mullah Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi said that the exclusive battalion is named Lashkar-e-Mansoori “Mansoor army” and will be deployed to the borders of the country.

Ahmadi has said that the battalion is the same as the one that would conduct suicide attacks targeting the security forces of the previous Afghan government.

“The defeat of the US would not be possible if not for this battalion. These brave men would wear explosive waistcoats and would detonate the US bases in Afghanistan. These are people with literally no fear who devote themselves for the consent of ALLAH.” Said Ahmadi.

Along with the Lashkar-e-Mansoori, Badri313 is another battalion that is known as one of the most equipped and modern military groups that are deployed in Kabul International Airport.

Badri313 is also said to be comprised of all suicide bombers.