Afghan defense ministryThe Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan (MoD) has said the elimination of the Taliban group fighters will not take more than a month but the regional intelligence fueling the Afghan war by supporting the anti-government armed militants.

MoD spokesman Gen. Dawlat Waziri told reporters in Kabul that the ongoing war and violence in the country is an intelligence war, insisting that the Taliban resistance would not last more than a month if the group would wage insurgency alone.

He did not elaborate further regarding any specific regional intelligence agency but the Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence for supporting the Afghan militants.

The Afghan officials are saying that the leadership group of the Taliban and other militant groups including the Haqqani terrorist network are based in Pakistan and are openly convening gatherings besides planning and coordinating attacks in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Gen. Waziri said the Afghan forces recently seized a vehicle packed with hundreds of weapons, thousands of ammunition and explosives as the militants were looking to transport it to equip their fighters.

He said the Afghan forces confiscated 430 Pakistani weapons including pistols and 23,800 rounds of ammunition in Badghis province.

Gen. Waziri appeared in a press conference to update the media following a deadly clash in Kunduz on Thursday that left around 30 civilians dead.

Blaming the Taliban group for the civilian casualties, Gen. Waziri said the group continues to use the civilians as human shield and the group’s leaders and fighters are even reckless regarding their own family members.

According to Waziri, several family members of the Taliban group leaders were among those killed as the Afghan forces called for air support amid fierce clash.

The operation on Thursday was launched as the Taliban group leaders had gathered for a meeting to launch a fresh attack on Kunduz city.


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