President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani once again called on the Taliban group to join peace process, warning that the group will be designated as global terrorists if its pursues violence.

Speaking during a conference in Kabul, President Ghani said the Taliban group should understand that time is not waiting for them.

“They should wholeheartedly accept the peace process or they should get ready to be included in the international list of the globally designated terrorists,” President Ghani said.

President Ghani further added that the government of national unity has a crystal clear approach and policy towards peace process since the beginning of its formation.

He said the Afghan government will continue to pursue its policies for peace and reconciliation although it has not been successful so far but the government is ready to achieve it at the cost of lives and finances.

The Afghan president also added that it is the time that the international community should understand and ask themselves that what is the solution when the militants are even attacking embassies and consulates.

According to President Ghani, the Afghan government and nation is in the frontline in the fight against terrorism and for Afghanistan and global security.

The remarks by President Ghani are delivered at a time when the Taliban group is not ready for the peace talks and has repeatedly rejected to participate in reconciliation despite persistent efforts by the government to end the violence through negotiations.


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