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Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar dead or alive?

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Mullah-Mohammad-OmarThe Taliban militants group commemorated the nineteenth anniversary of the group’s leadership at helm of Mullah Mohammad Omar amid suspicions that is no more alive or is in the custody of Pakistani security forces.

The group issued a long biography of Mullah Mohammad Omar detailing about his life, education, family, Jihadi struggles, and foundation of the Islamic Emirate.

With millions of dollars of reward for information leading to his capture, its been years since there has been a reliable sighting of Mullah Omar.

The Afghan Intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in November last year that Mullah Omar has possibly passed away amid reports that the group has divided into three different parts.

In the meantime, recent reports suggest that Mullah Omar has given his old friend and deputy Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor the authority to make decisions on his behalf regarding the peace process.

The remarks by the informed Taliban sources confirming the authorization of Mansoor comes as the NDS officials said the Taliban leaders have major differences among them due to the possible death of Mullah Omar.

The officials further added that Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor has initiated appointment of his friends as group’s top figures.

NDS spokesman Hasib Sediqi told reporters during a press conference on 19th November last year that senior Taliban figures have divided into three groups due to the major differences they have.

Sediqi said the first group is led by Mullah Qayum Zakir and Tayeb Agha is a member along with Hafiz Majeed, Amir Khan Haqqani, Mullah Mohammad Esa, Khadim Abdul RAuf, Zia Agha and Torak Agha.

He said the second group is led by Mullah Agha and Mullah Samad Sani, Mawlavi Nani, Sadar Ibrahim, Sheikh Mawlavi Abdul Hakimand Mawlavi Mohibulalh are members.

Sediqi also added that the third group is comprised of neutral Taliban leaders.

On the other hand, officials in ARG presidential palace said Mullah Omar was in custody of the Pakistani security forces in Karachi city of Pakistan.

Aimal Faizi, spokesman for ex-President Hamid Karzai said the issue was shared by the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

“The current Secretary of State John Kerry who was serving as the US Senator, had shared the issue with President Karzai during a meeting in Kabul,” Faizi added.

According to Faizi, President Karzai had sought clarification regarding the presence of Mullah Omar in Karachi city, but received no satisfactory response from Kerry.

“President Karzai immediately responded and said why US is not taking any action to apprehend him? There is a US bounty on him and ordinary civilians are targeted on daily basis under his leadership, but he is in custody of Pakistani forces,” Faizi added.

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