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Taliban summons Pakistani ambassador over airstrikes in Afghanistan

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
Khaama Press is the leading news agency of Afghanistan with over 3 million hits a month.

Following tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban has summoned and handed over its protest letter to the resident ambassador of Pakistan in Kabul.

In a statement issued Monday, the ministry condemned Pakistani airstrikes in the provinces of Khost and Paktika, which resulted in the deaths of women and children.

The ministry above added that Abdul Rahman Nizamani, the Pakistani ambassador in Kabul, has been summoned, and the Taliban’s protest letter regarding the attacks of last night has been handed to him.

The Ministry has urged Pakistan’s people and the new civilian government not to allow unilateral actions to darken the relationship between the two countries.

The ministry’s statement further emphasizes that the Taliban has a long history of repelling invaders and does not tolerate attacks on Afghan soil.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by confirming the airstrikes in Paktika and Khost provinces of Afghanistan, stated that they had targeted members of the “Hafiz Gul Network,” which they consider a “terrorist” group.

Pakistani media reported on Monday night airstrikes by Pakistani forces in Khost and Paktika, claiming the killing of Abdullah Shah, one of the commanders of the TTP in Afghanistan, but Abdullah Shah appeared in a video shortly after the attack, refuting his death.

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