The Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov has rejected the allegations that Moscow was arming the Taliban group as he admitted contacts with the group was solely aimed at ensuring security of the Russian citizens and encouraging the group to participate in peace talks.

Speaking to reporters in Moscow, Kabulov said the Taliban group has sought financial support from Russia and not weapons but Kabulov said Moscow has rejected the demands of the Taliban.

“They [Taliban] say they wouldn’t mind if we gave them weapons, but they don’t need weapons. They say ‘give us money, we’re buying weapons from the stocks of the Afghan army and police’,” Kabulov was quoted as saying by The Associated Press news agency.

Kabul further added “They laughed at the rumours that they receive ammunition from Pakistan. It was in the Soviet times – as they say – the Mujahideen was delivered weapons, and now they buy everything they need in Afghanistan.”

In the meantime, Kabulov said Washington is attempting to blame Moscow for its failures in Afghanistan by making such claims and allegations.

He admitted that Moscow was in contact with the Taliban and the contacts were established few year ago amid fears of security threats to Russian citizens.