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Taliban sniper expert killed in drone strike in Nuristan

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Taliban sniper expert killed in NuristanA Taliban sniper was killed following a drone strike in eastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan early Thursday morning.

Provincial governor Mohammad Tamim Nuristani confirming the report said Taliban sniper, Turab also known as Khanjar (Knife) was killed around 8am local time in Amshoz village at Waigal district in a drone strike.

The Taliban sniper used to attack Afghan security forces and government officials from remote regions using his sniper rifle.

Nuristan is among the volatile regions in eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants and other insurgent groups are openly operating, and recently they changed their assault tactic by using sniper rifles to target security forces and government officials.

According to reports, a senior al Qaeda operative for eastern Nuristan province, Abu Sulaiman Yemeni was also killed during a drone strike on Wednesday and was killed.

Abdul Sulaiman Yemeni was responsible for providing procurement and logistic supplies to militants and was one of the prominent al Qaeda leader in Nuristan province.

In the meantime Mohammad Tamim Nuristani said an Afghan police officer was shot dead by Taliban sniper in Barg-e-Matal district around 7:30 am local time on Thursday.

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