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Taliban shows green signal to UN on human rights dialogue

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Taliban6According to United Nations officials Taliban militants group in Afghanistan has showed a green signal on group’s intention to hold talks on human rights related issues.

This is the first United Nations has expressed willingness to hold talks with the Taliban group despite Taliban is accused of violating international human rights law.

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) spokesman Nilab Mubarez said UN is prepared to sit-in for talks with the Taliban group in a bid to prevent civilian casualties and other human rights related issues.

This comes as United Nations following a report earlier accused Taliban group for 81 ercent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan however Taliban denied the report and accused UN for being reckless to take information in this regard from the Taliban group.

However UNAMA spokesman Nilab Mubarez said they are hundred percent prepared to hold talks with the Taliban group in order to protect the lives of ordinary civilians in Afghanistan.

United Nations also urged that the Taliban group must guarantee to protect civilians in accordance with the international rules after UNAMA start talks with the Taliban group.

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