The Taliban has confirmed that the group has plans to hold intra-Afghan dialogue to solve domestic issues with the internal sides after an agreement is reached with the United States.

In a statement issued after the conclusion of consultative Peace Jirga (grand assembly) in Kabul on Friday, Taliban stated that the group “is currently busy negotiating the end of occupation with the American side.”

The statement further added “After reaching an agreement with the American side during talks, the Islamic Emirate has plans of holding dialogue and solving domestic issues with the internal sides.”

“Giving consideration to peace talks with the Kabul administration under the shadow of occupation is useless and poses danger to Jihadi aspirations,” the statement added.

This comes as the participants of the peace summit issued a 23-article resolution at the end of the summit on Friday urging both government and Taliban to immediate declare a ceasefire and launch peace talks.

However, the Taliban group its statement has claimed that the majority of the participants of the summit have worked with the United States, accusing them of defending the so-called occupation of the country.


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