December 17, 2017

Taliban says not tired of war as US-led invasion enters its 17th year

By Khaama Press - Sat Oct 07 2017, 3:47 pm

The Taliban militants are saying that the group is not tired of war as the US-led invasion that toppled the regime of the group has entered to its seventeenth year.

The group in a statement claimed that they represent the Afghan nation and call on the American forces to withdraw.

The statement further added that the nation has neither became tired and nor will be tired of the war, insisting that the nation is also not feeling disappointment and has higher morale for the continued war.

Taliban says the group is fully committed to force the American forces out of the country.

The group has not mentioned anything regarding the repeated calls by the government and international community to participate in peace talks.

President Ghani last week called on the group to join peace process by renouncing violence and insisted that the warring parties should opt ballots instead of bullets in a bid to end the conflict and violence in the country.

The latest statement by the Taliban group has been issued almost two months after the US President Donald Trump announced Washington’s new policy for South Asia and vowed to continue the fight until the terror groups are eliminated.

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  1. It sees the message for the population of Afghanistan resisting the current “benevolent” government backed by the West is “submit” or else. Ironic, isn’t it – a progressive government telling Muslims to “submit” in an Islamic Republic – and expecting it to happen!? Perhaps enough bombs will force them to submit – not an unfamiliar technique for many Afghan ex-pats now in the government. Perhaps the coalition’s bombs are smarter then before. Who knows? But, let’s pretend the bombs force the people to accept the government, then what? Will the people who have stolen money return it to be distributed to the masses? Will the government all of a sudden become efficient? Will programs be better managed. Will the elites in power stop feeling entitled to extra little perks? Will the farmers be heard in their own country?

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