Sources have told Tass News Agency that the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has laid off the Afghan ambassador to Moscow appointed by the former Afghan government, Sayed Taib Jawad replacing him with Jamal Gharwal.

Jamal Gharwal who was appointed by the IEA as Charge d’Affairs will soon take the office as Charge d’Affairs.

On March 31, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that they have accepted the credentials of the first diplomat introduced by the Taliban to the country.

Russia becomes the first powerful country that accepts the credential of a diplomat introduced by the Taliban and now their ambassador.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s acting Foreign Minister Amri Khan Muttaqi on Sunday said that China has also agreed to accept diplomats introduced by them (the Taliban).

This comes as the IEA is yet to be recognized by any country in the world and the step now looks more difficult as the World Community is furious at the Taliban over the ban on teenage girls’ schools.