The defense ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has changed the names but the codes of all military corps in Afghanistan.

The defense ministry in an official directive said that the names of military corps of the Islamic army are as follow,

313 Central Corps (Kabul)

209 Al-Fatha corps (Mazar-e-Sharif)

217 Omari corps (Kunduz)

205 Al-Badr corps (Kandahar)

201 Khalid Bin Walid corps (Laghman)

203 Mansoori corps (Gardez)

207 Al-Farooq corps (Herat)

215 Azm crops (Helmand)

Earlier, acting minister of defense Muhammad Yaqoob Mujahid had said that they will be building an Islamic army that will be equipped with the latest weapons and will be protecting the national interests, values and borders of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has not officially started training army members for their new army but tens of the Taliban affiliates are busy getting trained in various provinces of Afghanistan.

They are learning new technics and are given uniforms too.