January 17, 2018

Taliban representation agreement in Qatar finalized: Rassoul

By Sayed Jawad - Wed Dec 26 2012, 1:58 pm

Zalmai Rassoul Afghan foreign ministerAfghan foreign ministry says agreement for the Taliban representation in Qatar is due to be finalized in a bid to prevent sporadic sessions in other foreign countries with the Taliban group.

Afghan parliament house on Tuesday summoned foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul to breif Afghan lawmakers regarding the Paris conference on Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul told Afghan lawmakers, “We are working to codify the agreement with Qatar and it is almost finalized. This will be the only place outside of Afghanistan to hold talks. All other Afghan related talks will be held inside the Afghan soil.”

He said there will be no need for Berlin or Paris in the future.

Zalmai Rassoul also said currently various nations are following the same practice as of 1990 and are organizing different sessions in order to bring stability in Afghanistan.

He insisted that Afghanistan is an independent country and all related issues to Afghanistan should be discussed within the Afghan soil. “All the issues that we face currently have agreement environment in Afghanistan and there is no need to hold Afghan related talks outside the country. The Afghan government has not invited anyone to Paris but Afghan peace officials were present in the conference”, foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul said.

In the meantime a number of civil society organizations criticized Paris conference which was organized behind closed doors. The organizations warned that Afghan people will not agree with any peace deal that will comprise with the decade old achievements in human rights.

Deputy civil society network and independent human rights of Afghanistan Wazir Ahmad Khurami said, “The civil society of Afghanistan has a precise view and we welcome peace in Afghanistan. Afghans will never agree with any peace deal that will compromise with achievements towards human rights during the past ten years.”

This comes as the Taliban group in Paris conference said they do not agree with the current government and constitution.

Civil society representatives insisted that the agenda for any session related to Afghanistan should not be hidden from the Afghan people and decision regarding the future of Afghanistan should not be taken behind closed doors.

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