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Taliban release 142 policemen captured in Badakhshan province

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Afghan-border-policeThe Taliban militants have released at least 142 policemen who were captured following three days of heavy gun battle in the restive Wardoj district.

A local official speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed that the policemen were released after they were disarmed by the group.

According to reports, the joint military base which fall to Taliban control last evening, is still in control of the Taliban militants.

provincial council chief confirmed that a number of the Afghan Local Police and Afghan Border Protection Police forces have joined the Taliban militants after they partly took control of a joint base in Teergaran area of Wardoj district.

This comes as the acting provincial governor Shahwaliullah Adeeb said the militants have surrounded a military base in Teergaran area and warned that scores of Afghan soldiers would lose their lives if immediate actions are not taken by the government to repulse the attack.

The Afghan national security forces repelled two attacks by the Taliban militants on Thursday and Friday in Wardoj district, leaving a number of Taliban militants dead.

Deputy provincial governor Gul Mohammad Bidar said the Taliban militants launched their first attack early on Thursday morning which was repelled by the Afghan forces, leaving four militants dead and three others wounded.

Badakhshan is among the relatively volatile provinces in northeastern Afghanistan where the anti-government armed militant groups are actively operating and frequently carry out insurgency activities.

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  1. How great is ALLAH (s.w.t), always be grateful to ALLAH (s.w.t) but not to taliban busters who are killing in the of islam, forcing people to accept their mentality, where islam is at front of us, quran is in our house, INSTEAD OF KILLING PEOPLE THEY SHOULD MAKE DAKWAH INVITING PEOPLE TO ISLAM (KEY TO JANNAH) 


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