The Taliban group has rejected reports suggesting that the leadership of the group has ordered a halt to suicide attacks in the cities.

A spokesman for the Taliban group Zabiullah Mujahid issued a statement rejecting the statement attributed to him in a report in which he was quoted as saying that the group will not carry out suicide attacks in the cities anymore.

Mujahid further added that no such statement has been made during the interview in response to a question that why no suicide attack has been carried out in Kabul or other main cities.

He also added that the operations in the cities need more time as the Taliban fighters carefully conduct attacks to prevent civilian casualties.

However, he said that the attacks would be carried out in the cities once the targets have been fully ascertained.

This comes as the New York Times stated in a report that the Taliban group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has said that the leadership of the group has ordered to halt the suicide attacks in the cities.

The report further adds that the decision and change in the tactic was made after the declaration of ceasefire between the government and the group on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.


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