The former Afghan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil has claimed that the Taliban group recruits fighters from Shaikh Abdul Ghani religious seminary or Madrasa for its spring offensive.

In reaction to the announcement Al-Khandaq sprign offensive by the Taliban, Nabil once again criticized the unity govenment officials for the misperception regarding the likely cooperation Pakistan would do to assist in the fight against the terrorists.

“The offensive announced fm PAK, while some of NUG leaders due 2 their personal motives still thinking PAK will cooperate in war on terror & want to promote MoU on intelligence sharing. These leaders are going 2 destroy our security apparatus by infesting it with ISI spies,” Nabil said in a Twitter post.

He said “Mawlawi Yousof member of military commission of TBN, along with PAK Army officer in Shaikh Abdul Ghani Madrasa, from where 100s of TBN fighter will join the Khandaq offensive of TBN which has been announced fm PAK yesterday,” he said in another Twitter post carrying a photo of the Madrasa which he alleges is using as a recruitment ground for the Taliban group.

The Taliban group on Wednesday announced the start of the new spring offensive as the group emphasizes that the new offensive is being announced in response to the new US strategy that paves the way for the deployment of thousands of more foreign troops.

The group in a statement said the offensive (Al-Khandaq) operations will kick off across the country from today to target the foreign and Afghan forces as well as the government.

Taliban claims that certain parts of the country are still in control of the foreign forces and the announcement of the new strategy by President Trump has paved the way for the deployment of thousands more troops to Afghanistan.