Afghanistan’s foreign ministry reacted to the United Nation’s Accreditation Committee over delaying a seat for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in General Assembly.

Spokesperson of the ministry Abdul Qahar Balkhi in a series of tweets said that the UN is vividly violating the rights of the Afghan people.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi said that the decision is not based on the principle and added to be unjust.

“We hope that the UN will give this right to the representative of the Afghan government so that it helps solve the problem of people and have positive engagement with the world.” Reads a Twitter post.

The UN’s Accreditation Committee unanimously decided to postpone seats for the Taliban and Myanmar Military junta.

The decision is making the recognition path even harder and farther to the Taliban who have been desperate as over half of the population is on the brink of poverty in Afghanistan.

The international community has been asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to establish an all-inclusive government, respect human rights and the rights of minorities, and let Afghan men and women seek education.

On the other hand, the Taliban believe that their recognition directly depends on the US to pioneer.