The Taliban militant group reacted on US military plan to deploy around 300 soldiers in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, claiming that the deployment of additional forces indicate the defeat of the Afghan and US forces in Helmand battle.

“Yesterday American military commanders announced that 300 extra US troops will be deployed to Helmand in the upcoming spring to help their local puppet forces.

This announcement comes after 100 American SOF troops were also deployed last summer to defend Lashkar Gah but was promptly pulled back to Camp Bastion after they suffered heavy losses,” a statement released by Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid reads.

“At the same time the American military brass has kept hundreds of troops active in a key military base named Camp Dwyer in Garmsir district of Helmand province away from the sight of their citizens,” the statement said, adding that “This on top of hundreds of more foreign invaders residing at Camp Bastion in Helmand’s Shorab.”

“Announcing the deployment of more forces to Helmand on top of presence of the above American troops is solely to lend morale to the defeated troops of the stooge Kabul administration in hopes they hold out until spring,” the statement added.

The decision by US Marines to deploy forces to Helmand comes as the province has been witnessing firece clashes during the recent months as the Taliban group attempted take control of the strategic parts Helmand as part of their deadly spring offensive.

Task Force Southwest, led by Brig Gen Roger Turner, “will train and advise key leaders within the Afghan National Army 215th Corps and the 505th Zone National Police,” a statement published by the corps on Friday read.

According to the Afghan officials, the Taliban group attempted to shift some of its leadership to Helmand BT seizing control of the strategic Lashkargah city and other key districts.


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