The Taliban militants group reacted at the joint statement released by the Afghan religious scholars (Ulemas) during a large gathering attended by hundreds of religious scholars in Kabul on Monday.

The Taliban group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid ina statement said the Fatwa has been issued based on the recommendations of the foreigners to increase pressures on the group.

Mujahid offered the recent remarks of General John Nicholson as a justification to reject the Ulemas Fatwa where the NATO commander had said that pressures will be increased on Taliban group through every means.

He said the NATO commander is attempting to increase military, political, social and religious pressures on the group.

According to Mujahid, the foreign forces are attempting to convene religious gatherings and issue Fatwas in a bid to challenge the religious justification of the war waged by Taliban.

This comes as hundreds of Afghan religious scholars gathered in Kabul on Monday and issued a Fatwa, calling the ongoing war and violence as illegitimate.

The religious scholars also called on Taliban group to accept the peace offer of the Afghan government and participate in peace talks in a bid to end the ongoing violence.