The acting foreign minister of Afghanistan Amir Khan Motaqi expressed gratitude to the international community for over $1billion in humanitarian aid and said that the aid will be distributed to everyone in need transparently.

Amir Khan Motaqi said that such aids with the people of Afghanistan are welcomed and asked for aid in the development sector.

The acting foreign minister who was talking to the media in his first press conference since the appointment said, the central bank-De Afghanistan Bank- will facilitate the transparent distribution of humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

The international community pledged over one billion dollars in humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan on Monday, September 13, and acknowledged that the Taliban must make sure every single man, woman, and child receives the aid.

Motaqi called on the US to release the reserves of Afghanistan and also asked for taking out of the names of the leader of the Taliban from the blacklist as it is in violation of the Doha agreement.

He added that the countries that have not opposed the Taliban are operational in Kabul and added that the consulates of Afghanistan are also fully operational in other countries.

The acting minister said that the expenditure of the government will be decreased, the tax will be collected transparently and the investments will be exploited appropriately.